Rustavi International Challenge

Rustavi International Challenge – the main race of the year, 11-12 of November, 2017. Participants from 10 countries will compete in three classes – Formula Alfa, Legends, BMW Compacts, in Georgian Circuit Race Championship. First ever Veterans’ race will be held with support of Rustavi International Motorpark and host famous racers of XX century from Lithuania,

Legends by Legends

Fist ever Automobile Sport Veterans’ circuit race will take place at Rustavi International Motorpark – Legend by Legends for Guram Dgebuadze Trophy (one of the most outstanding Georgian racers of XX century). Representatives of eight countries will take part in the event.   Participants: 1          Armenia          Garegin Simonian, Alexander Khachatrian 2          Belarus            Sergei Belko, Anatoli Shimakovsky 3          Estonia            Peeter