Drive Formula

If your dream is to be a Formula racer, but your name is neither Vettel nor  Räikkönen, the Rustavi Motorpark will give you an opportunity to make your dream true only on  our track. Our instructors and mechanics will tell you how to drive a Formula Alfa bolide  and you will be able to pass the turns of the track with full load.

  • A brief lesson of a professional instructor
  • Car rent
  • Racetrack rent
  • Sports tires
  • Service of mechanics
  • Gasoline
  • Helmet and racing suit rent

The price does not include the following:

  • Crashes and other damages related to driving on run off areas
  • Gloves and shoes
  • Warranty of 1300 ₾ / 500 $ per car covering get off car damages


  • A person should have a driving license or a professional driver license.
  • A person shall be aware of a racing track and should have passed at least two sessions by the own car or by a touring car belonging to the motorpark.

Contact us:  +995 557 522 220