Become a racer

The racer’s  license issuing authority is the  Georgian Automobile Sport Federation.

There are 4 ways to become  a professional racer in Georgia:

  1. Take extreme driving course, pass a test, get a certificate, present the certificate to the Automobile Sport Federation and get a professional driver license.
  2. Take part in amateur competitions by own car, get enough experience, file the application to the Automobile Sport Federation based on the competition results and get professional driver license (See the rules for issuing the license).
  3. Show a statutory time at any racing circuit existing in Georgia on a car of appropriate class to get to the touring light or compact class  (according to the minimum requirements of the professional license). (See the rules for issuing the license).
  4. Get the adequate experience in the karting class, file the application for of a professional racer based on the results.


For details, see the license obtaining  rules on the official website of the Georgian National Automobile Federation.

No racer license is required to participate in amateur  and semi-amateur races.

Participation in the competition is simple, you only need a driver’s license and a car for this.

For any questions please call: +995 557 522 220