Your Ads in Races

If the awareness of your company, its products or service is important to you, if you want to create the desired mood and confidence of the community, and if you value the quality of advertisements, then this offer is for you!

The Rustavi International Motorpark offers the original and different advertising space. You can use not only the banners, but also cars, flags, any kind of branding, even the track … male true the most creative advertising ideas, because you are not limited at the racing track.

The ad placed on the raceway will be visible to a lot of spectators and TV cameras and will allow you to introduce your offer to all Motorpark  guests, not only during competition.

And most importantly, the customers will remember your company accompanied by the most positive emotions, as the raceway is the world full of energy  positive approach!

For any questions please call: +995 557 522 220