Try Your Motorbike

If you are interested in the capabilities of your motorcycle but cannot try it on the street, the doors of our raceway are open to you.

A large and a small track of Rustavi Motorpark are at your disposal.  Come and find out, what is the limit of your driving  skills and capacity of your motorcycle.

Gain the maximum capacity.

  • Completely quiet surface, 12 turns, from the minimum to the maximum speed
  • Three long straight sections, wide engraved protectors, which stop the vehicle before it reaches the fence
  • There is no risk to collide with another car or a pedestrian
  • The in-house gas station and car wash
  • In case of withdrawal from the track, the recovery is included in the price

Choose the nearest day-off  in the calendar and visit us!

Piloting a car on the race track  is  not only a joy, but also a great experience.

Main Track
Individual Training with own Motorbike  Price
By Lap 3 lap -20Gel
Next Lap /After 3 Lap  5GEL
Main Track
Individual Training with own Motorbike  Price
By Time 20 Min Price 40 GEL
By Time  1 Hour 100 GEL
By Time 4 Hours 300 GEL

Note: Other vehicles also have the right to use the track at the same time.

Requirement: A person should have a driving license or a professional driver license.

For any questions please call: +995 322 307 703; +995 558 000 242