The circuit racing is a kind of car and motorcycle, which is  held in a specially designed circular track and has the start and finish at the same place. This kind of racing, in most cases, is held on raceways,  and also can be held in the city and other makeshift areas with straight cover.

In a circuit racing from  five to sixty sports car take start simultaneously (according to the racing track parameters). The race winner is the racer who is the first to cross the finish line, after passing of a number of circuits defined by the organizer.

Such kinds of racing as karting and rally-cross are held similar to the circuit racing though they traditionally do not belong to the circuit races.

Circuit races in Georgia are held from the beginning of the 20th century.

The circuit races era of development in Georgia began in 1979 with the construction of the Rustavi Race Track, which in that period was called as DOSAAF.

Since 2012 circuit races at the Rustavi International Motorpark are held in the motor classes:

  • Formula Alfa
  • Legends Class
  • Touring Class

The Georgian Circuit Racing Championship consists of 6-7 stages, each stage of  1-2 races. A person who will collect the most scores after all of rounds, becomes the champion of Georgia.