The Motorsport fans will remember Shota Abkhazava’s  Racing Team “Art Line”, which participated in German Formula 3 championship with  Georgian flag. In  2009 and 2010 team won in Formula 3 German Cup. It was first team which used “Dallara” and their own chassis too.

Over the  years Company “Art Line Engineering”  has accumulated rich experience in developing its own racing equipment. Its  technology  center is located in Moscow and cooperates with specialists from well-known  Road Traffic Institute. The team has  own technical staff, which fully mastered the skills in computer design, aerodynamics improving and testing by computer technology. In 2015 Constructor ArtLine Engineering has reported a successful birth for the “ArtTech P315”. The test drive has completed and now it can participate in Formula 3 races.  As Shota Abkhazava said , special attention was paid to the safety cockpit.

Test crash completed means that “ArtTech P315” till 2018 can participate in Formula 3 races. Soon FIA will work on a new technical reglament , where Italian “Dallara” , French “Migal” Italian “Tatusi” and “ArtLine” will participate. “ArtLine” offices in Moscow, Germany and now in Rustavi. On Rustavi International motorpark will build new building for  “Art Line Engineering”, where they produced racing technic and because of this on technic will be written Made in Georgia. 
By the help of computer, every small problem can be detected and solved . On Rustavi International Motorpark  “ArtTech P315” run more than 2000 km and there was not any problems. Everything works perfect. 
Test Driver of ArtTech P315 was Latvian racer Harald  Schlegelmilch . He has big experience in open wheel series and also he participates with Shota Abkhazava in Lamborghini Mono series “Blancpain Super Trofeo“ championship. Schlegelmilch said that ArtTech P315 is fast and safe racing car.

During the tests Schlegelmilch could make parallels between “Dallara” and  “ArtTech P315” , different on lap 1.7 seconds , so ArtTech P315 is faster than “Dallara” .

For this time “ArtTech P315” is ready for racing. Tests on Rustavi International Motorpark are almost finished  , after tests team will depart  to Germany, where they will participate on two last stages of Formula 3 Europe series. First stage will be held on Nurburgring ,  September 25-27. The last 11th stage will be held on Hockenheim , October 16-18. Team will have two racers, one is Harald Schlegelmilch and second will be German racer.