Georgian racer David Kajaia  continues surprising Europe –  after sensational success on “Hungaroring” 31 old racer , who is the member of Sport Club – MIA FORCE,  successfully finished the second race of FIA ETCC (European Touring Car Cup). Georgian Racer took II place  on “Slovakiaring”,  in Slovakia  and in his class took  I place again (Super 2000 TC2T). He is leading  with 17 points.

FIA ETCC-‘s official website reports that David Kajaia was one of the best on “Slovakiaring”. David showed  one of the fastest lap on the  race which was held  in Slovakia.
David battled with Slovakian racer Mato Homola -who has big experience  and also admired by local spectators , but anyway he couldn’t overtake Georgian racer.
David  Kajaia  arrived to Georgia with a CUP that he won in Slovakia  and he dedicated this CUP to  a memory who died in the disaster June 13!
The next race of FIA ETCC  will be held on June 27-28, in France 


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