Formula Alfa

Formula Alfa is one of the classes of the circuit racing championship of Georgia. Bolide type: sports car assembled on the Formula base Engine type: Alfa Romeo Twin Spark 2.0, 160 hp, 6200 min Transmission gearbox: Hewland LD 5-200 Tires: Hankook 180 / 550R13 front, 240/570 R13 rear The sports bolide was created at “Artline Engineering”, the sports car design and engineering company of the owner of Rustavi international Motorpark – Shota Apkhazava . The Formula class races soon became the most strenuous and popular in the Georgian motorsport. Formula Alfa first appeared on Rustavi International Motorpark in 2012. By the time 10-12 Formula bolides were on the start line. By 2014, the number of participants at the start increased to twenty, that was an unprecedented scale for such a small country like Georgia, because the races of similar size in the Formula class are held nowhere in the former Soviet Union. The race of Formula bolides was first held in Georgia in 2012.