Legend Class

Legends class is a class of the circuit racing championship of Georgia.

Bolide Type: Classic (retro)

Engine Type: Yamaha 1300cc, linear; 4-cylinder; 16-valve

Gearbox: as the engine

Tires: road (Standard)

The legends type cars were designed specifically by Speedway Motorsport, Inc. which owns eight raceways in the United States.

Legends Class by its data is supreme  – it develops 100 km/h in 4 seconds, for such acceleration you will need at least Porsche.

The Legends cars is a safe racing car, it protects the pilot  even when turning  several times.

The Legends cars racing is held: in the United States (more than 300 races a year); Finland; Denmark; the Netherlands; Morocco, etc.

Americans are  familiar with the Legends Cars appearance: the pilots  of the most popular motorsport kind in the USA – NASCAR compete on such cars.

In our country Legend is understood as a retro car until a person appears at its wheel. This is the case when the feeling is much more  impressive than the expectation.