Legends Continental Cup is a new racing series, scheduled to launch in 2015. The series is aimed at Legend Car drivers who want do discover new race tracks and show their strength against experienced rivals from all over the World.

Legends all around the World!

National competitions take place in England, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Georgia, Russia, Marocco and other countries. The Cup of Europe is held on 7 different circuits. There are more than 1300 races a year in 38 states of America. U.S. World Finals gather competitors from several countries in December.

  • The most affordable race cars in the World
  • Legend Cars have become one of the fastest growing segments of motorsports today.
  • Legend Cars is the racing opportunity that is available to anyone!
  • Legends car is  designed primarily to promote exciting racing and to keep costs down.
  • The bodyshells are 5/8-scale replicas of American NASCAR automobiles from the 1930s and 1940s, powered by a Yamaha motorcycle engine.
  • All cars are mechanically identical and available with 7 types of body styles.

Car Technical Data

HEIGHT 1.2 m
ENGINE Yamaha 1250cc (sealed)
WEIGHT About 590 kg with driver
TIRES 205/13R60
WHEELS Width: 7″ / Diameter: 13″
SUSPENSION Coil Over with Bilstein Shocks
FRAME Full Tubeframe with Integral Rollcage
HARNESS G-Force Five-Point

We will do our best to help you getting familiar with the car, learn how to drive it fast and make it ready to race. Since 2008, we have got great experience in car setup and repair works.

Legends Continental Cup: very affordable prices

Our company is a sole distributor of Legend cars to 15 countries.

With our special discount, you can save much money when buying a new car.

We offer new car in standard configuration for only $11300 ex-works.

The most advanced package may cost about $2700 more.

7 body styles are available.


  • Average season expenses: $8800 (6 national events, without engine rebuild)
  • New engine: $3990 (a full-season lifetime before rebuild)
  • Full engine rebuild: about $2500, while number of rebuilds is unlimited

Main parts of the front suspension (as an example):

Fender bracket $9.99
Legends shock-“Bilstein” $99.00
Shock flat top $25.73
“Jackrabbit” spring $29.00
Tie rod strut arm (upper) $13.25
Heim 1/2 teflon $7.99
Upper a-arm clevis $12.00
Ball joint – upper tie rod end $15.95
Spindle $132.99
Lower a-arm $45.00
Ball joint large $29.99
Tie rod strut arm (lower) $13.25
Total    : $434.14

All prices are U.S. ex-works. Most parts are available at our warehouse in Georgia. Our prices including delivery can be sent by request.


Weekend Framework

The best possible concept to reduce driver’s expenses: less money, more racing!

  • Friday: free practice (every driver buys as many sessions as he need)
  • Saturday: free practice, qualifying, hit race (5 laps)
  • Sunday: warm-up, race 1 (10 laps), race 2 (10 laps)


  • Saturday: free practice, qualifying, hit 1 (5 laps), race 1 (10 laps)
  • Sunday: qualifying, hit 2 (5 laps), race 2 (10 laps)

!    Live broadcast on public TV and Internet