Try Your Car

Try Your Car

If you are interested in the capabilities of your  car  but cannot try it  on the street, the doors of our raceway are open to you.

A large and a small track of Rustavi Motorpark are at your disposal.  Come and find out, what is the limit of your driving  skills and capacity of your car.

Gain  the maximum capacity.

  • Completely quiet surface, 12 turns, from the minimum to the maximum speed
  • Three long straight sections
  • Wide engraved protectors, which stop the vehicle before it reaches the fence
  • There is no risk to collide with another car or a pedestrian
  • The in-house gas station and car wash
  • In case of withdrawal from the track, the recovery is included in the price
  • Choose the nearest day-off  in the calendar and visit us!

Piloting a car on the race track  is  not only a joy, but also a great experience.

Requirement: A person should have a driving license or a professional driver license.

Note: Other vehicles also have the right to use the track at the same time.

For any questions please call: +995 557 522 220