On Sunday was held the second race of V stage of Georgian Championship in Circuit Racing.
In race participated 4 classes : Touring Light, Legends Cars, Formula Alfa and BMW Compact.  The most interesting race was in  Legends Cars. The reduction in the number of participants, it is an expression of the country’s  economic conditions. Because of team problems in race couldn’t participate Data Kajaia and Konstantine Koliashvili , also Shota Abkhazava who had debut in European Formula 3 series  on Nurburgring .
Race started with Touring Light. The leader of this class is  Davit Menteshashvili and his car is in good condition.  From 10 races  he took first place nine  times. Battle was for second and third places . The second place took Iuri Mangasarov and the third place Alex Marghania. 

Touring Light (8 Lap)

  • 1. Davit Menteshashvili
  • 2. Iuri Mangasarov
  • 3. Alex Marghania
  • 4. Rezo Bitsadze
  • 5. Giorgi Kiknadze
  • 6. Paata Kveselava DNF
Legends Cars race is always full of battle , even with racers from one team. 
Liberty Bank racers Archil Bidzinashvili and Goga Arjevanidze showed teamwork and competition sample. In race participated 6 racers, and each of them were in battel with each other for the first place. In every moment the leader of the race was under attack and could be changed. On 6th lap Giorgi Bezhitashvili overtake Davit Aptsiauri and took place behind the leader, he tried to overtake Arjevanidze but in vain. In the end Goga Arjevanidze overtake his team member and crossed finish line first. 
Legends Cars (10 laps)
  • 1. Goga Arjevanidze 20:01.535
  • 2. Archil Bidzinashvili +0.046
  • 3. Giorgi Bezhitashvili 0.885
  • 4. Davit Aptsiauri 1.630
  • 5. Davit Kakabadze 21.615
  • 6. Usho Nanava 30.204
In Formula Alfa race on starting grid Davit Ramishvili lost 3 positions because of penalty from first race, and  he changed his broken bolid on his team member Zaza Dudauri’s Formula . The first on starting grid was Mevlud Meladze , his time was slightly better than time of  Russian racer Roman Lebedev, behind them Shako Tsikhelashvili, Tornike Kiknavelidze and other racers. 
After technical problem Roman Lebedev , Sandro Tavartkiladze, Davit Ramishvili and Tornike Kiknavelidze stopped. Mevlud Meladze was a leader again and crossed finish line first , after him Shako Tsikhelashvili and Davit Bagrationi.
Formula Alfa  (10 laps)
  • 1. Mevlud Meladze 19:14.404
  • 2. Shako Tsikhelashvili +0.248
  • 3. Davit Bagrationi 1.905
  • 4. Kote Takaishvili19.689
  • 5. Davit Ramishvili 4 laps
  • 6. Sandro Tavartkiladze 6 laps
  • 7. Tornike Kiknavelidze 7 laps
  • 8. Roman Lebedev 9 laps
On BMW Compact race Leaders Vasiko Chonishvili and Vano Mdzeluri because of incident lost their positions and continued race in the end of peleton . 
the first was Dimitri Kobulia and behind Sandro Lomadze and Irakli Kukhianidze. On last lap Sandro Lomadze made mistake and lost his position, after Irakli Kukhianidze was on second place and Sando Lomadze took third place.

BMW Compact (8 laps)

  • 1. Dimitri Kobulia 16:53.743
  • 2. Irakli Kukhianidze +1.529
  • 3. Sandro Lomadze 2.453
  • 4. Giorgi Baindurashvili 3.600
  • 5. Cankat Hurmoglu 4.370
  • 6. Mikha Tamasidze 21.395
  • 7. Giorgi Kirvalidze 26.495
  • 8. Vano Mdzeluri 33.264
  • 9. Davit Isakhanashvili 33.406
  • 10. Giorgi Gamkrelidze 35.479
  • 11. Vasiko Chonishvili 39.811
  • 12. Davit Labartkava  43.586
  • 13. Otar Alashvili 1:13.290