Badri Koridze is  owner of original car ” Super Zaporozhets” . He won many races, where participated BMW, Mercedes and other models.
Badri rebuild this car by his knowledge and finally he got his “Super Car”.
Everything began from his childhood with playing little cars. He had wish to make car by himself and he made it ! This car isn’t perfect , but it’s enough for 4 victories in Pair Racing.
Once, Badri saw a movie about  “Zaporozhets” with 600 hp, and it was beginning for Georgian “Zaporozhets” version. The donor for this was Opel Calibra, he took his engine 2.0 with 150 hp , Gearbox and suspension. The brake vacuum, ventilated discs. Overall, he had low suspension, flexible system , despite the fact that “Zaporozhets”  is lighter then “caliber”. In a process of making this car on first place was safety.  Car safety frame – OMP , special seats – OMP , seat belts – Sparco. Visual look of “Zaporozhets” is not changed. On Rustavi International Motorpark everyone knows this super car and his owner, together they won 4 competitions.