On last weekend , On Nurburgring was held V race of Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series, where Shota Abkhazava participated with his two members from “Artline Georgia”. Because of incident he couldn’t cross finish line but in his class he is still leading. 

The race he started from 21st position. Finaly he took 15th  place in absolute class and 2nd place in his class. 
“ArtLine Georgia” racer, Harald Schlegelmilch (Latvia) during the race was on 2nd place , but on 17 minute race stopped for him because of incident with other racer.

The second race Shota Abkhazava started from 15th position, after one lap he was on 11th position. On Lap 13th, because of Italian racer Simon Pellegrin, Abkhazava turned around and continued. Because of accident the car damaged and he have to  went to boxes and race stopped for him. 

Anyway, in his class Abkhazava is first, he has 101 points. Schlegelmilch is on 7 position. 
Last stage of  Lamborghini Super Trofeo Series will be held in America (Florida) November 19
On September 26-27 , on Nurburgring will be held Fomrula 3 European Championship, where “ArtLine Georgia” will participate with new bolid, one of the racers will be Schlegelmilch.