Unlike snow, ice is often invisible. You have to guess where it might be.

It is difficult to control your car if the wheels are spinning. Try starting off in second gear to avoid spinning the wheels.

If you want to master perfectly the driving techniques and be self-confident in any extreme situation, you should know that there are occasions, which require a specific knowledge and skills.


Car driving on a wet, frozen, snowy and other unstable cover of the road is characterized by its specificity and requires special training.


There is a great probability that a car will slip on a wet and road cover and that a driver will lose control of the car that can become a cause of serious car accident.


Rustavi International Motorpark provides a special training of drivers to prevent such accidents.


Professional trainers will teach you to drive in such conditions, that will help you escape from the emergency situation.

Falling snow – If snow is falling and visibility is bad, always use your headlights and windscreen wipers

Gears – Try to stay in a high gear, which gives less torque at the wheels.

Grip – Your tires get more grip on soft snow than tightly packed snow so avoid driving in other cars’ wheel-tracks

Other traffic – Leave much more room than normal between yourself and the vehicles ahead.

Steering – Try not to make any sharp maneuvers – instead turn the wheel smoothly or the car will skid.

Braking – Brake gently (if at all) to reduce any risk of the wheels locking.