The official opening of Circuit Racing Championship 2016 will be in April and closing in October. The season consists from 7 stages and each of them will be held on Rustavi International Motorpark (RIM) . Also two international races will be held in Istanbul and Riga.
Georgian Championship in Curcuit Racing includes 4 racing classes : Formula Alfa, Legends Cars, Touring Light (Honda) and BMW Compact. Touring Light and BMW Compact races will held in one class.

Racing Classes:

Formula Alfa

Open Wheel racing class with Alfa Romeo engine 2.0, 16 hp (6200 r/min) and 187 Nm (3500 r/min) , gearbox – mechanical with 5 speeds, shock absorber – “Sachs” ,  brakes – “Brembo” , wheels – “OZ” , tires – “Hankook”, weight – 550 kg. Acceleration from place in 3.7 sec, maximum speed 250 km/h. The Champion of season 2015 – Mevlud Meladze.

Legends Car
Retro style racing car , he body shells are 5/8-scale replicas of American automobiles from the 1930s and 1940s, powered by a Yamaha motorcycle engine. The sanctioning body for Legends car racing is called INEX. INEX stands for inexpensive racing.
Legends Cars engine – “Yamaha” , working volume 1250 cc , 140 hp (10 500 r/min) , 5-speed transmission, acceleration less than 4.0 sec.
The Champion of season 2015 – Archil Bidzinashvili
Touring Light
Engine 1.4 and 1.5,  4 cyilinder, 95 hp, mechanical gearbox (standart).
Car preoaration and participation in one season price is about 5000$. This is the best option for beginners.
The Champion of season 2015 – Davit Menteshashvili
Compact Cup
It is the new class for Georgian Championship , which was held for the first time in season 2015. This is mono class too. In this class participates  Bavarian model 318 Ti, engine 1.8 , 138 hp , mechanical gearbox, road tires .
The Champion of season 2015 – Vano Mdzeluri

Georgian Circuit Racing 2016 Calendar

7-8 May- 1st stage, Rustavi International Motorpark (RIM)

21-22 May – 2nd stage, Rustavi International Motorpark (RIM)

11-13 June – 3rd stage, Rustavi International Motorpark (RIM)

16-17 Jule – 4th stage, Rustavi International Motorpark (RIM)

3-4 September – 5th stage, Rustavi International Motorpark (RIM)

15-16 Octomber – 6th stage, Rustavi International Motorpark (RIM)

29-30 Octomber – 7th stage, Rustavi International Motorpark (RIM)