Rustavi International Motorpark provides a comprehensive study of the driving  techniques at night, both in  the street lights, and in blackout conditions.



International Safety Driving Techniques Training Program – Defensive Driving Techniques – NIGHT DRIVING Course for LIGHT VEHICLE Drivers



To learn the risks of night time driving and which actions to be taken


After someone gets licence by learning how to drive a vehicle, also learns defensive driving techniques to drive safely at night-time.


This is a theoretical course by using presentation material.


Risks of night-time driving caused by human, weather and road conditions; Sight distance and visual clarity; Traffic signs; Road illumination; Dead zones; Headlights; Accident statistics


Especially those drivers who are allowed for night-time driving must join this training immediately after start to use a vehicle or at the latest 6 months after appointed for this purpose.

The training is designed for a group of 10 people

Course is a five-day training, 8 hours (1 hr break)


The safe management course includes:

2 cars for contact exercises

Dinner and coffee-brake


Note: It is necessary to train the participants of the training of cars, preferably 2 cars per car