Time Attack

Time Attack is an  amateur motorsports, where participants use for racing the circuit racing or a closed racing tracks.

The race principle is based on the qualification mileage of the professional racing circuit, i.e. the participants enter the track with a certain time interval between each other. Each participant is trying to show the best circuit time to win the competition.  According to the specific provisions of the competition, each participant may have to go one or more rounds, to divide rounds or mileage by sectors and so on.

Time Attack is divided by classes in the Georgian Championship as follows:

  • Vehicles equipped with up to 1500 cubic centimeters engine
  • Vehicles equipped with up to 2000 cubic centimeters engine
  • Vehicles equipped with up to 3000 cubic centimeters engine
  • Absolute Class

The coefficients are accrued by types of engines as follows:

Engines The coefficients
Compressor 1.4
Turbo 1.7
Diesel 0.9
Turbo Diesel 1.2
Rotor Absolute

The scores are accrued by classes as follows:

Place Point
I 10
II 8
IV 5
V 4
VI 3

Requirement:  A person who wishes to participate in Time Attack should have a driving license or a professional driver license.

Anyone can participate in Time Attack by any serial touring car subject to the classes specified in the competition rules.

For more information:  +995 322–307–703