Because of technical problems most of Touring Light  racers couldn’t participate in race, but they will be ready for  7th stage – Rustavi International Motorpark , It will be season closing , Touring Light and BMW Compact will battle together in one class – Touring. 

In spite of this, the first day of 6th stage was interesting, battle for first place in Legends car is always tense because of the distance between racers during the race. In race participated 6 Legends Cars. First place took Archil Bidzinashvili, second place Giorgi Bezhitashvili an third place Goga Arjevanidze. 


First race (10 Laps)

1. Archil Bidzinashvili 

2. Giorgi Bezhitashvili 

3. Goga Arjevanidze 

4. Davit Kakabadze 

5. Ksenia Niks 

In Formula Alfa class participated 9 racers , one of them Tornike Kiknavelidze couldn’t finished the race because of technical problem , but other racers finished race with success.  Russian racer Roman Lebedev crossed finish line first, after him Irakli Chkheidze and Mevlud Meladze.  

Formula Alfa

First Race (10 Laps)

1. Roman Lebedev 

2. Irakli Chkheidze 

3.Mevlud Meladze 

4. Sandro Tavartkiladze 

5. Davit Ramishvili.

6. Davit Bagrationi 

7. Kote Takaishvili

8. Shako Tsikhelashvili 

9. Tornike Kiknavelidze

In BMW Compact on starting greed were 14 cars, in this class is always more participants. During 8 laps first three racers were Vano Mdzeluri, Dimitri Kobulia , Irakli Kukhianidze and by this order they crossed the finish line. This race was with less accidents , but interesting with racers maneuvers. 


BMW Compact

First Race (8 laps)

1. Vano Mdzeluri

2. Dimitri Kobulia

3. Irakli Kukhianidze

4. Irakli Kakauridze

5. Sandro Lomadze

6. Giorgi Baindurashvili

7. Cankat Hurmoglu

8. Davit Menteshashvili

9. Giorgi Alavidze

10. Giorgi Jadugishvili

11. Giorgi Gamkrelidze

12. Mikha Tamasidze